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pictures and pages error


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    1. Pictures are not loading from the theme, i have spent 3 weeks from the day ive purchased and till now no progres, plus payed the istallation of the theme but still lots of problems left. Besides all work at the website cost money. The theme is best place for webmasters, freelancers to make money. They are like vultures tearing off the clien  piece by piece. For insance to fix the map cost 30$ , another genious reinstall the site for 50$ i was expecting to fix the main error of the site but was disapponted . What i am saying that while looking through the theme i have never seen any note or hint that the theme will be pain in the ass. Sorry but its true . Seems like the main goal of you guys to make money not to make a great service . The worst thing is that i am about to give up with my project . Its a great project , its about to help refugees and immigrants in need...  

    2. Page error









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    quantumk replied

    Read documentation.  It is detailed.  Resave permalinks.  That might help.

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    quantumk replied

    Also, your post is just describing emotion, being upset with the theme.  You provide no info that might be useful for troubleshooting.  If you can not describe the issue in detail you can not be helped by anyone.

  • FiruzaKhon replied

    Thank you for the reply . 

    What you want me to say THANK YOU for shitty theme. For support i paid and no asnwer ? What is your purpose of reviewing my post help or teach me how to impress myself? You have to know that its not your business of how people impress themselves. I got bad product with no support and ill say everyone the truth!  If you are not helping or you are not author of the product just shut up or keep teaching others not me!