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Problems with the theme


  • disenoideas started the conversation

    Hello please could you let me know why the theme is not showing as expected.

    here is the site = http://podium-realestate.com/

    it has not been updated since purchased and was working fine when it was set up..

    Now we see that the last section – bottom featured property carousel has all the same property for each slot.. even though all the properties have been selected as featured.

    We also see that on this page = For Sale = http://podium-realestate.com/status/for-sale/

    Only one property is showing even though all of the properties are for sale..

    Also we are having problems getting properties for rent to appear.


    and on each status page, the bottom featured section has all the same property in the carousel, 8 times

    Please could you throw light on this subject..

    we are using version Version: 1.1.0..