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cant edit pages


  • alimehmood21 started the conversation

    Why I cant edit pages, the edit page shows no content in it. And the documentation is totally useless.

  • alimehmood21 replied

    I have tried everything like:
    1) deactivating the plugins and activating them again
    2) changing the name of .htaccess 
    3) adding line to config.php
    4) clearing cache of browser but still the home page editor is empty 

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    G.MI replied

    Perhaps I can help here. 

    This theme isn't built like a lot of others, and very little content is on the actual Pages. If you look at the diagrams in the documentation, it will show you colored regions, with their associated names. The green areas are widgets. Find the widget that matches the name of the section that you are trying to edit.

    Does that address your question?

  • alimehmood21 replied

    How to edit Forms?

  • alimehmood21 replied

    How to edit map on contact page. the documentation with the theme is useless. And there is no documentation to download from envato.

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    Erik replied

    Hi, whole website content is built upon regular WordPress widgets you should be already familiar with when you are using any WordPress theme. You can configure the theme widgets in the WP admin > Appearance > Widgets. Hope it helps.