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About properta setup


  • FOSSO DJOUNDA COLINCE started the conversation
    Thank you for your reaction. I also have other questions:
    - How to display pagination on the page Proterties listing on this page
       " http://www.maison.allvitri.com/toutes-les-proprietes-2/"
    - Is it possible to have the number of views of a property?
    -I want to put the options of the search bar (fliter) in French, on which file is it

    thank you.  COLINCE

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    Erik replied


    - you can setup the number of items page in the WP settings in WP admin > Settings > Reading > Blog pages shows at most.

    - number of views of property is not available in this theme yet

    -  You can translate the whole theme or change words, sentences and phrases used in the theme (or plugins) like any other WordPress themes using regular .po files.

    You can read more about localization in official WordPress documentation: 


    Or using a third-party plugin like "Loco Translate".

    Don't forget to look for translations in all included plugins which come within the theme.