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User logs on all sites of the multisite wordpress network.


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    olairmarcos started the conversation

    Erik, we have a problem here.
    We have a network with three sites, (site1, site2, site3), when a user creates an account on site1 or site2, this user can log in to all the sites on the network. How can we solve this problem, which happens only in the superlist.
    It would not even be a problem to have users logged in to all the sites on the network.
    The biggest problem is that if the user buys a package on site3, for example, he can use the plan on all sites in the network. That is, when a user buys a package to advertise vehicles on a site, Superlist allows him to advertise vehicles on all network sites and not just the site where he bought the package.
    Is it possible to restrict the use of the package only in the site where the user bought the package?
    Thanks for listening.

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    Erik replied

    Hi. Do you use 3 different databases? Each for every site?

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    olairmarcos replied

    We use only one database for the installation of wordpress multisite.

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    Erik replied

    Do the WordPress installations share any tables in your database?