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Creating Basic Wordpress pages


  • fashiontruckfinder started the conversation


    How can I create just a basic information page in your theme that is not crowded by all of the widgets and maps? Also, does the html field within WP support inline css and coding to style an html page within the theme. If not, I'd like to request a refund- for my client I really need the functionality of basic pages and the directory logic on other pages.

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    Erik replied

    Hi, whole website content is built upon regular WordPress widgets you can configure in the WP admin > Appearance > Widgets. 

    Read more in the documentation:


    You don't need any third-party plugin, but feel free to use it if you wish to. Defined widget areas are described in the documentation here:


    Some of the widgets and their common settings are mentioned here:


    You can use theme widgets also in your custom pages using shortcodes. This free plugin will be useful for you: 


    All theme settings can be set in the WP customizer (WP admin > Appearance > Customize > Superlist and Inventor sections). Most of them are described here:


    If it is not enough for you, you can use your own CSS to modify original appearance:


    Let me know if you have more questions.

  • fashiontruckfinder replied

    Erik, Thanks for your reply. But I DO NOT WANT TO USE WIDGETS ON CUSTOM PAGES.

    That was the purpose of opening a ticket. Was that when I created a custom page. The widgets show on every page regardless. This is a problem. I want to build a page with no widgets- no map. Just a plain page with the header, body content, and footer that can be styled with CSS. 

    I have combed your documentation it is detailed only with how to setup the widget- which is written very poorly. The documentation does not explain anything beyond Inventor plugin & widget functionality. The options on the "Customize" page are basic wordpress options (static front page, menu, widgets, footer)- BUT THIS DOES NOT ADDRESS the issue of having the widgets show up on every page. Your instructions detail how to upload and use child theme. Which is basic WP knowledge. It does not explain how to disable current settings to "false" or "hidden". There is no comprehensive class/ID list available. Therefore, how can I override the fact that the widgets appear on every page, even a custom page?

    Additionally, I am using this theme in a multisite network. The shortcodes and "widgets" are persistent once enabled and shows up on the other site which contains a completely different code base. I have to disable and delete superlist entirely to get the footer widget and home page shortcodes to stop appearing on the second site.

    Finally, it took a week for you to respond to my problem, this is unacceptable. I have a client that I am trying to build out this solution for and waiting 7 days for support is completely unprofessional and unacceptable.

  • Mindaugas1 replied

    hello fashiontruck;)

    I had the same issues, but I doubt that this is superlist's problem that you don't now how to create basic page.

    I'd found very useful this: 

    there is a content table, so you could skip some parts, but there are several plugins which is highly recommended and works well with superlist.
    let me know how it goes.


  • fashiontruckfinder replied

    I know how to develop websites in Wordpress. I've been doing so for years. That is not my issue. Please delete your comment on this thread Mindaugas1 @mindaugas1. You need to RE-READ this thread, and understand the specific issue I am having with the widgets showing on all of the pages- prior to providing a comment that is not helpful for my particular situation. Thanks!

  • Mindaugas1 replied

    ok, I let Erik to reply to this specific case.

    just tried to help here. However, I had no issues creating page without widgets.


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    Philipp replied

    You don't want a widget to show on all your pages (but e.g. just on the front page or on the listing page)?

    Just edit all your widgets and specify the visibility! There is a section "visibility" in every widget, where it says:

    Using following settings you can specify, on which pages will be widget shown. If none of the following is set, widget will be visible by default.

  • fashiontruckfinder replied

    Yes, Phillip I only want widgets to show on certain pages. Not all of them. Yes, I saw that you can set the visibility setting within the widgets section. My other issues are still not being addressed, which is the Inventor shortcodes are showing up on the other site in the multisite network.

  • Mindaugas1 replied

    I have one following question here on widget visability:

    can someone define what is under: 

    -  Front page,
    -  Listing detail
    - Listing archive

    - Listing taxonomies            

    pages in widget visibility settings?


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    Erik replied

    Those visibility settings defines on which pages will be the widget visible. For example if you mark/check the "Front page" option, the widget will be visible on the homepage only and it will be hidden on the other pages like listing detail etc.

  • Mindaugas1 replied

    thanks. I think its obvious that front page defines visibility of home page, but what about the those:

    Listing detail -

     Listing archive

    - Listing taxonomies        

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