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google maps


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    Erik replied


    The website you sent require access credentials:

    Can you describe your issue in more details, please? I can't help you without any additional details. 

    • What exactly is not working? 
    • Do you see any errors? 
    • Do you have a public URL? 
    • How can I reproduce your error? 

    I will need more information in order to help you. 

    Here are some useful tips for writing a helpful support request:

    1. Check if your issue is also present in our demo.
    2. Double read our documentation, especially the FAQ section.
    3. Check for any JavaScript errors in the developer console.
    4. If you see white/blank page or a page with error number 500, check your server error logs.
    5. Write down all third-party plugins at your website.
    6. Publish the exact URL of your website where we can test it ourselves.
    7. If necessary, send us the login credentials to your website.

    Thank you for understanding.