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registration not working


  • chakree started the conversation

    1) hi when i click register button  opening registration page but not showing registration form why ... showing like "Registrations are not allowed."  showing this message where i need to activate registration form...

    2) when activate Inventor Packages in the listing page all details gone like gallery, video, contact details, map ..etc.. what the problem where i need to adjust this problem...

    please help me..

    thank you

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    managerprix replied

    In the admin panel of WordPress - setting-general-users, set the author

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    Erik replied


    managerprix is wrong.

    Correct answers to your questions:

    1. You need to enable registrations in your WordPress settings:

    WP admin > Settings > General > Membership > Anyone can register

    2. It is probably because the user who created listing has either assigned package without necessary permissions or his package expired. Please, read our documentation. If you don’t want to use packages, disable inventor-packages plugin.

    It is also already mentioned in the documentation:


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